About The Trigon Administration

The Trigon Administration is a triple engine propelled real estate organization comprised of a transaction brokerage, certified building contractor and remodeler, and a hard money lending company, designed to drive our client’s primary ownership or investment position onward and upward by supporting them with each integral facet of the real estate business.

Our beginning…

The Trigon Administration is an emerging organization formed through the alliance of 4 entities comprised of:

Broker Model

A professional association of real estate brokers and associates

    Close Hard

    A private lending arm to fund real estate investments

    Luke Skybuilder

    A general contractor to build and remodel property

    Nork Group

    A consulting company that unites the organizational parts and educates clients on how things work

    Our staff includes licensed brokers, contractors, and lenders as well as professional salespeople, marketers and project managers. We have over 25 years of aggregate experience in the real estate arena with a passion for sharing in the successes of our clients. Trigon Administration has the year 2020 goal to custom develop and construct safer, stronger more energy-efficient residences for reproduction by our investors.

    Description of the three companies:

    Broker Model P.A.

    A licensed real estate company specializing in South Florida that provides the fulfillment of real estate services in both residential and commercial acquisitions, marketing and sales. Our distinct leadership and position as a tech-forward company that provides a highly useful service offering to clients. The firm is comprised of tacticians and strategists that form action plans designed to achieve client real estate goals while upholding transactional diplomacy.

    Luke Skybuilder LLC

     A licensed and certified general contractor offering both building and remodeling services in the entire State of Florida, with a focus in the Southeast Tri-County area of Broward, Miami-Dade, and Palm Beach. The team has managed projects that stem from 1997, accounting for nearly 25 years of industry experience. Free estimates are offered for projects of all types.

    Close Hard LLC

    A private money lending arm structured to further enhance the investment capabilities of our clients that also offers to finance new investors across multiple U.S. states. This company funds purchases, refinancing with cash outs and longer-term rental income investments. All lending is entirely asset-based with terms becoming more favorable as investors achieve greater experience.


    Luke Amoresano


    Luke Amoresano is a licensed real estate broker and certified general contractor in the State of Florida. His transaction volume for the past two years has surpassed $10M which he attributes to 10% continued education and 90% team execution. When he’s not hyper-focused on his computer screen, you’ll find him cracking lots of jokes, helping whomever he can and desperately begging his wife to stop busting his chops about his nightly ice cream eating habit. He is currently working on a learning platform to help others understand the inner workings of foreclosure transactions for profit. You can reach him by email at [email protected] or find him by name using Telegram Messenger.

    Jean Paul Urquizo


    Jean Paul has over 19 years of experience in finance, credit analysis, business development, and investment advising. He provides expert guidance for real estate investments, along with education on topics such as credit insurance companies, hard and soft money financing programs, asset-based lending and factoring. He has held a variety of sales and credit financial positions during his career and has worked closely with business owners, investors, and professional advisers of many of the nation’s most prestigious investment companies. He can talk for days about the things he loves and is the kind of guy that will give you the shirt off his own back. When he’s not counting dollars and cents, you’ll find him cooking and entertaining for family and friends.